Tricks & distance - Surfer Line

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Looking for the next level slackline set?

This slackline set has been created for people that want to challenge themself walking longer distance but also learn and perform tricks. 

With its full 30 meters of dynamic webbing and long-lever power ratchet, the Surferline can be set over water, in the park or anywhere else where you need longer distance. 

The main features of this set are:

  • Trickline (beginner to advance, also for tricks with large amplitude)
  • Longline (up to 30 meters)
  • Waterline (due to its length suitable for setup over water)
  • 30m long, 5cm wide
  • Include tree protection "Treewear"
  • simple and fast setup (thanks to power ratchet)
  • New, improved product design of the 2019 Edition



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